Obama Continues Corporate Enslavement of Americans

I’ve been accused of being a racist for this tweet: “Doubly ironic that whites are helping a black man herd us all into slavery” with clarification that Americans are slaves to corporations whose legal personhood is perceived by our government to be more valuable than life.  

Based on governance, it appears America began evolving into a slave state from early on.  Possibly because humans instinctually organize things, people and aspects of living and because we repeated history instead of making better long term choices, America evolved into a barely different – and worse – predicament than we escaped by coming here.  Furthermore, our behavior toward Native Americans did not bode well for America’s future.  We made ourselves ripe to be used and abused because we did not dare and insist on being different from our past.

My premise:  What we take from others will be taken from us.  In fact, denying any individual sovereignty in any way opens the door to denial of our own individuality and personal rights. 

This is an excellent opportunity for thoughtful discussion.


One thought on “Obama Continues Corporate Enslavement of Americans

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